Some of my morning rituals include the following:

Having eggs for breakfast (poached, omelette, egg cups or egg souffles)

Eating a fruit & yogurt parfait for breakfast

Enjoying a cup of tea for breakfast

Getting dressed to go for a walk

Go ice skating (in the winter) Hey, you should sell Sprinkles Cupcakes & Hot Chocolate at skating rinks during the skating season.

Read the Newspaper(s)

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I love this! Also your built in kitchen appliances are DREAMS. My morning routine is toddler mania. Enough said.

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Most mornings, before I turn on my computer (or head to the office), I wake up my teen daughter and we sit and have a lite breakfast together, and make our lunches before school. Walking the dog in the early morning instead of letting him out in the backyard, also helps me start the day, and kick starts my 10,000 step goal per day. It helps to think about how these are "morning rituals" and self-care, instead of just daily routines!

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