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Hi, Candace!! I am so excited for this!!! I am Brazilian, so I have never tried one of your cupcakes, but I will someday!!! I am starting my own business now and I am looking forward to reading your book!! I really wish your books were sold here, so I could buy a hard cover.. but at least, we have kindle!!! (:

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Can't wait to read this! As a bakery owner I admire what you've done with Sprinkles so much! And to answer your question, The E Myth was one of the biggest game changers for me. It was like the author was talking to me and explaining that in order to build a thriving business you need to build easily replicable systems first. Clockwork was another and The One Thing changed how I take on my day-to-day thousand responsibilities to actually get them done. What are some that you'd recommend? (while we wait for yours, of course) :)

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Hi Candace,

Thank you for encouraging all female entrepreneurs. I follow you on LinkedIn and read everything you publish. Your book is on my list and I will preorder and review on Amazon.

I’m a business book junkie and also can’t wait to try one of your cupcakes next time I’m in the US. Can’t wait to read yours and your recommendations. Some of my favorites were Super Founders by Ali Tamaseb, 10% Entrepreneur (Patrick McGinnis) and Backable by Suneel Gupta and the Smart Growth by Whitney Johnson. And Rachel Friese’s “The Good Culture.” Spiritual book #1 (a Sarah Blakey favorite) is Wayne Dwyer’s “The Power of Intention.” That book fundamentally changed by thinking and was pivotal in my way of approaching Swijin.com.

I will be sure to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s creativity book (loved EPL).

Loving your blogs and encouragement and spunk and social media posts!! You are an inspiration,


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